Sunday, August 17, 2008

Hey, you with the money in your mouth...what's your last name?

Yesterday was "Beauty Shop Day" we took the little girls for their quarterly "get the bangs out of the eyes day". They have such darling faces I like to see them without looking out from underneath long bangs. Linda volunteered that Zoe would go first. So Zoe hopped up into the chair. When Cammy got finished cutting Zoe’s hair we were astonished at how much she looked like a picture we have of Grandma Bette Loo when she was the same age. So now our new nick name for Zoe is B B Loo in honor of Great Grandma B D Loo!

These little girls just keep me giggling. Today after dinner and church we went to the visitor’s center at the temple. The missionaries were so impressed that the little girls know so much about Jesus, the prophets and apostles...due to the good training of their parents!

As one of the sister missionaries looked on, I said to Linda, "go and point to the picture of the prophet, President Monson." She walked up to the picture of him and pointed. I then said to her, “tell the sister missionary your name. She said, "Linda" I said, "tell her your last name" her reply was, "And Teddy". So she knows Jesus, all the apostles and the prophet but thinks her last name is "And-Teddy. I guess it's up to grandma to start at the mundane life basics like...what is your last name?

I had promised the little girls that they could have some watermelon after we got back from the visitors center. Of course I forgot but they never do. As we focused on who was going to cut the watermelon for them - Linda found a handful of money. We got side tracked from the watermelon because of her desire to count "monies" into our hands. Zoe then needed to be part of the money grab. We of course had to make things even so we counted out equal coinage to each of them. Zoe immediatly put all her money in a safe place...her MOUTH!

It's past N A P-T I M E (for Nana) can you tell?