Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Am I alone in this?

So, is it just I or does anyone else have a psychotic possessed laptop that has a cursor that freakishly goes anywhere it *%#&^ well pleases? I mean, as I am blissfully (not so much any more cuz of the *%#&^ cursor) typing it just pops up in the middle of a previously typed word and does its own little devil dance on my page. Popping in and out of where ever it wants. I used to be a really fast typist but now with all the backspacing and CTRL Z functions it makes me crazy to type e-mail and other documents. Thank heaven I don’t have a masters thesis to type on a bloomin’ lap top!

I finally find out where the *%#&^ (notice 5 characters not 4 – you figure it out) cursor has jumped to…get it back to where it is supposed to be and then within several key strokes it is back again to it’s “devil dance”.

Somehow I thought a laptop would simplify my life…it has only made my hair whiter!

I guess I really answered my own question…that’s why they call it a “Cursor”…see it just did it…it popped up 3 lines! Maybe you can hear me screaming?


Mindy said...

THats funny...and another reason I dont want a laptop!

Mom said...

Actually, Becca, it sounds like you've got a virus on your laptop...yup, sorry. Love ya! Pam

Jared said...

Hahaha, I know what you mean.

First off, welcome to the world of blogging. Now, onto your problem.

No, you don't have a virus. They don't do this sort of thing except in tv sitcoms. And yes, it even happens to a computer pro like me. The difference is that I know what the problem is and have fixed it already. You'll be surprised when you hear the reason.

The sad fact is that computers always do exactly what they've been told to. Unfortunately, we don't realize what we are telling them to do sometimes. From my experience and from what you describe, it sound like your laptop has a touchpad, just below your space bar. You probably like to rest your palms a bit when you type. Whats happening is that your palms are hitting the touchpad, thereby making the computer think you want the mouse to move and click. If you type faster, this is even more likely.

What you can do if this becomes a persistent problem is look for an on/off switch for your touchpad. Many of the better laptops have them. Look at the manual if you are not sure.

That'll be $50 USD, please... :)