Sunday, January 25, 2009

Grandpa Mitch's 88th Birthday Anniversary

Well our favorite Aquarius would be 88 on Monday, January 26! What are you doing for Grandpa Mitch's birthday? In the past we have let balloons go with Happy Birthday Grandpa written on them. We have cooked his favorite meal and had pie for dessert!

What are your plans? Do you have any stories you would like to share...feel free to add them to the comments on my blog.

On numerous occasions I have silently watched as Zoe comes into Grandma Bette's room and walks over to the "large as life" picture of Grandpa and puts her chubby little hands on both sides of the frame and puts her cheek up against Grandpa's face and just smiles, then tips her head back and looks at him then kisses his mouth. This little girl knows her Grandpa Mitch! We have always said that he has been up there choosing all of his grandchildren "off the top shelf of spirits".

Happy Birthday Celebration on Grandpa's 88th Birthday!

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