Friday, February 6, 2009

Don't Drink the Bubble Bath & We're Goin' Fishin' Thunder Thighs and All!

I had always heard that Grandchildren were terrific ‘cause you can send them home when they wear YOU out. 

At our house that can sometimes come sooner than later if you have a Zoe to keep in your sites! I told Andrew and Dawnalyn that they could possibly have problems in the future. If Zoe ever has a sassy or potty mouth...which I would hope that she NEVER will never work to wash her mouth out with soap...SHE LIKES IT! Yep, this child makes a bee line to my shampoo, lotion and bubble bath to DRINK IT! They even found her mouth full of Desitin recently and the rest of it was spread all over her giant teddy bear. 

Recently the girls came to the house and I realized I had to unload the dishwasher and watch Zoe and Kylee at the same time. Kylee was strapped in her stroller with a piece of bread, she would be fine until the bread was gone. Now the trick was to keep track of Zoe a.k.a "Dennis" as in Dennis the Menace. 

I had made adjustable aprons for the girls for Christmas. I put the apron on Zoe, adjusted the ties, sat her in a chair just her size and then tied the apron strings to the chair. I gave her a book and told her to tell Nana a story. This worked until I walked out of the room for a split second...I came back in and she had done a "Houdini", twisted herself facing the back of the chair but the apron still facing forwards. How does this child contort her body? Through it all she is adorable and has side glances just like a Cupee Doll.

As we were riding in the car yesterday Linda was whispering something. Lainee asked her what she was saying she piped up, “Fishin’, fishin’ fishin’ ~ Nana will you take me fishin’? How can a Nana say no to that? We had planned on going today but it started to rain. We will go when I locate my fishing license and poll. When will I ever have a home that could be the Center Fold of Better Homes and Gardens?

That leads us to Kylee. If you have seen this child you would know that her parents are starving her to death….NOT! She is my “Chunk-a-wunka!” What a cuddly ‘butter ball’ as Grandpa Mitch would have labeled her. Hey ~ he used to call me “Thunder Thighs” when I was learning how to walk and I still have them! Kylee’s thighs are soft, chubby and squishy and everyone wants to squeeze them and emote over how cute they are…mine look the same as hers and no one says they are cute! What’s up with that?




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Jared said...

For what it's worth, I'd pinch your thighs and call them cute...