Monday, February 8, 2010


Wow! It's been almost a year to date that I last blogged on my site. I even had to ask Lainee how to login...that's pitiful!

So here comes the update...not really anything new has happened for me in that period of time except that I have an additional adorable grand daughter Mikayla Leilani Monson. That makes 4 beautiful little girls for Andrew! Linda (4), Zoe (3), Kylee (2) and Mikayla now 6 months. The are so fun to have so close and keep us laughing.

Linda is the head princess and getting so tall and is getting ready for kindergarten. I hope she will be able to leave her best friend - Teddy Bear at home, when it's time for school. Teddy has undergone massive reconstructive surgery this past year. New vinyl ears to replace the worn through ones, a newly stitched nose and other worn spots.

Zoe lets me know consistently, "Nana, I A-woe-a" Translation...I'm Aurora ~ as in Princess Aurora. She has this glint in her eye that tells all of us that we better keep one step ahead of this child whose brain never sleeps!

Kylee scolds me if I try to help her with the words to "Patty Cake", "No, Nana I bake it!" She tells me. Here best friend is always with her...that is her finger in her belly button! When she gets ready for bed she has to pull one arm out of her sleeve to make sure she has access to "belly".

Mikayla ~ well what more can be said than just "shoe-button eyes" she is a doll and has a ready smile for anyone who talks to her.

Jessica and Matthew moved to Hawaii in August and she will graduate in April
~ cum laude from BYU- Hawaii. We are all hoping to attend the graduation.

Lainee is working and looking for Nanny jobs. She loves all the clients she currently has and keeps busy with all her friends.

Grandma Bette is doing fine. She's frustrated that her clock is upside down. She's awake most of the night and tries to catch up on her lost sleep during the day. I am hoping that getting her to Hawaii will turn her clock around.

I have my finger in way too many pots trying to find the thing or things that will create the most positive impact as well as cash flow. I am totally sick of dealing with sick vehicles and look forward to the day when I have a new - reliable- safe car that will all but take care of itself.

That's my story and I'm stickin to it.

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